Meetup of the DevOps-Hamburg group (

Monday 6th February 2017

SmokeTests - Why you should try to burn down your productions environment
Talk by Sebastian Thoss (1 hour)

Today it's crystal clear why we need unit tests. Even integration and acceptance tests are quite common but who is making sure that your pages are working in production environment? I'd like to show in detail how smoke tests will help achieving this goal and why you should try to burn down your production server.

Dockerizing CI Pipelines
Talk by Paul Dragoonis (1 hour)

This talk is intermediate level and should have a bit of something for everyone whether you’re building a standard pipeline (non-docker) or already have a pipeline and looking to see how docker will make it even stronger. I will demonstrate how building pipelines with Docker differs from traditional pipelines, what steps are involved in migrating from traditional pipelines to docker ones. I will share my experiences, tips & tricks, lessons learned on my journey into docker land.