Talk comments

Joralf at 15:39 on 15 Jun 2016

Although this presentation was far from the "normal" tech presentation I enjoyed it thoroughly. Ramon has the ability to make people think about subjects that they normally don't. For something that is so abstract (the thinking process) I think he did really well in making a structured speech, although sometimes I felt there were some loose ends (he didn't actually explain what was going on in his head while doing an experiment), which was a pity.

I liked this talk a lot. Ramon has a nice pace to his speaking and is enthusiastic about what's he talking about, which is good.

The talk itself was very interesting and gave me a lot of food for thought.
Would recommend.

Excellent talk. I saw this one at PHP Benelux already, but was surprised all over again (I guess that tells us something about the quality of my own memory, as well as the ability of the speaker to present the same talk with its original freshness).

Anonymous at 12:30 on 27 Apr 2016

This talk was pretty good.

Ramon is a clear, loud-enough speaker.
His slides were simple, clear, and easy to read. Nice font!
The talk seemed a little bit to meader, yet that also seemed deliberate, as the talk is about thinking. I was introduced to whom I've never heard of before, though ideas about logical vs lateral thinking aren't so new to me. The Rubix cube example was great.
The "I decided to build a silly raffler" was a good thread to keep the talk moving along a story to help explore the ideas of logical vs lateral thinking...
One note on the slides, the one with the two "holes" as solutions, to me at first looked like two uneven boobs, I think because the holes had points at the bottom and one had a ball-nipple :P (I'm female and I draw, so maybe I just see things in shapes). It illustrated the idea well though.

The only criticism I can think of off-hand, were this talk to be given again, would be *maybe* tightening up the exploration of the thinking process... then again, that may not really work for a talk like this. This talk was relaxed and exploratory.
Would work pretty well as a short TED talk :)