You might have heard about this all new and shiny thing called 'Progressive Web Applications' or in short: PWA. But what are they exactly, how do they work, what are the benefits and pitfalls? This month we'll have two speakers who introduce us to this to PWAs. This months meetup will be hosted by the friendly folks of Frontmen.

Tuesday 25th April 2017

Lightning talk: Progressive Web Applications and Gotchas
Talk by Jasper Moelker (15 minutes)

PWAs are trending. Service Workers are a powerful new feature. But the road to production can be bumpy. During his lightning talk Jasper will share the struggles teams at De Voorhoede experienced delivering PWAs. From Product Owners with iPhones, to staging issues and browser differences.

Main talk: Making the Web Frameworks Titans Feel Tiny
Talk by Marten Schilstra (15 minutes)

Service Worker technology is going to be one of the key technologies to make apps built with web frameworks, like Angular, Ember and React, perform well in the mobile space, without resorting to packaging that app as a native mobile app. Let's take a tour through all the new exciting and ambitious Service Worker solutions that web frameworks are coming up with to work away their deficiencies.