Decoupling backend processes using ZeroMQ


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Anonymous at 20:25 on 28 Aug 2014

Host said this was speaker's first talk and with that in mind, it was a good start. Got better as he relaxed, interesting topic but would've liked to see code.

Anonymous at 23:01 on 31 Aug 2014

I think the subject was interesting, but the presentation could have been better.

I understand that this was supposed to be a lightning talk, and that there was thus no time for loads of details, but a I think that a little bit more content would have improved the talk: Either some very simple code samples (we are programmers after all :), or maybe a description of a very concrete example where this was used (with details, services' functions, input / output etc.) would have been nice.

The host mentioned that this was the speaker's first talk, which is fine. But I don't think the speaker himself should then mention that again, nor mention that he fears that his talk is too short. Focus on the content, cause I think that is where the presenter's strength will be!