Python: Do you even async?


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Very interesting talk and great delivery

Anonymous at 20:24 on 28 Aug 2014

Great talk. Really different than my normal job but that made it a lot of fun. Some of the futures and tasks stuff could be explained a little better but really interesting, like how it covered everything from very low-level to actual language usage.


Great talk! You were easy to understand.

Pretty much everything was easy to follow for a non-pythonista like me, apart from the 'Coroutines & yield from' slide. While I understand now by looking at the code carefully, the 'yield from' and 'asyncio.async(fn)' statements could use some more attention. If you're speaking for a Python audience, this comment may not apply.

The slides were sometimes hard to read on the TV, but that's more of an oversight on the venue's part.

All in all, very good!

Anonymous at 22:44 on 31 Aug 2014

Very much enjoyed this talk.
The content of the talk was very interesting and covered a lot of ground.
The structure of the talk was good with the order in which concepts were introduced and the way examples, background information, history, xkcd, and opinions were interwoven.