Domain Driven Design


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Nice talk!

Fatih Demir at 08:26 on 27 Jan 2016

Great talk on DDD. Relaxed speaker. Good answers on questions. Great examples. I enjoyed it.

In general it was a good talk, but for me it didn't cover the subject of 'domain driven design', but more on 'modelling' in general. On modelling, the talk was good, on Domain Driven Design it was poor, as you covered the subject from the technical side instead of covering it from the domain side. From the Domain Side, you should think of use cases/actions from the domain, and then model this correctly, including 'actions' from right entity in your code (which resembles the 'aggregates' you mentioned). This was not covered at all, and is from my opinion the essential part of Domain Driven Design.

Nice talk on DDD. Too often these kind of topics are handled too abstract but this talk evolved around an actual practical use case. Lots of questions from the audience. Clear slides and good presentation skills.

Freek gave a clear talk about the Analytical part of DDD. He introduced non technical challenges in everyday projects and explained how techniques in DDD can be leveraged to face these challenges.
His talk included bounded contexts, subdomains, context mapping, etc and gave clear explanations of the importance and applicability of these concepts and methods.
Nice to see a speaker go into, in my eyes, the essence of DDD. I liked the talk very much and will try the attend the followup meeting.