Every developer dreams of growth, of success, of ruling over a mountain of servers as they reach Unicorn size. But...are you sure you're really ready for that? Find out soon because this month's topic is Horizontal Scalability and speaker Frank de Jonge is going to walk you through the realities of that climb up the mountain.

Providing food, drinks and the perfect backdrop, the excellent folks at Bol.com will be hosting us once again at their awesome office. We'll also have raffles, jokes and news about the conference later this year.

19:00 - Welcome with food & drinks
19:30 - Main Talk: One Box Doesn't Fit All
20:15 - Raffle & News
20:20 - Social!

Main Talk: One Box Doesn't Fit All
The majority of applications run fine on a single server, and vertical scaling goes a long way. Horizontal scaling is often advertised as the "better way", but why? What problems does it solve? Which challenges does it bring? What risks does it try to mitigate? Let’s see how we can set sail in the sea of trade-offs and get a feel for what lies ahead.

Speaker: Frank de Jonge
Frank is a freelance developer based out of Amsterdam. He’s passionate about abstraction and tries to share his learning with others. As a member of the PHP League leadership group he helps open source maintainers out wherever he can, and maintains Flysystem.