Talk comments

Anonymous at 11:10 on 4 Aug 2017

Very interesting talk. Easy to understand slides and Dmitry knows his material.

Some of the examples were hard to follow combined with the material, but Dmitry took the time to answer audience questions. He spoke in a clear, controlled manner and tried to evade jargon where he could.

There wasn't enough time to go through all the material, but this talk was a good overall impression to the problems CRDTs attempt to solve, and where it's going. Concurrency on distributed systems seems a constant game of conflict whack-a-mole :)

Anonymous at 09:25 on 27 Jul 2017

Really enjoyed this talk by Dmitry, really well explained for a topic that can turn theoretic and dry quickly. Was already familiar with the basics of this topic, had the feeling there was much interesting more interesting stuff at the end of the presentation that wasn't covered. Would like to see a part 2 of this talk with the more advanced types, already asked Dmitry a few things on the way back to the station :)

A good talk about a complex subject too bad we could dive more deeply into the subject

This talk was brilliant. I usually quite quickly have no idea what people are talking about when they're going knee-deep into math topics, but while this sometimes took a moment to really understand I got it. The subjects are explained in such a way that even math blind people like me can understand what is happening. The only downside was that there apparently was much more material than was actually discussed.

Thanks for a great talk!