Object Invariants, Immutability & You: Making Objects Do Your Bidding


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I did not know Mr. Hitler had such intimate knowledge of object invariants. This being Jeroen's first talk did not show, it all came very naturally. The typical getter-setter scenario was properly shamed and replaced by behaviour reflective of the domain. I think the part about immutability gave a lot of people food for thought and something to discuss afterwards.

Really wouldn't have guessed it was your first talk.
Enjoyed the talk and think it is great how you fitted this in a lightning talking.

4 thumbs because you forgot some slides ;)

Entertaining talk. Delivered with great sense of humour. Made sure the audience was aware of a problem (the way developers work with objects is not without risks) and then presented a solution (immutable objects). Skipped the type of details that tend to slow down a talk too much. Slides were good, the display screen at the venue was pretty terrible.

Anonymous at 16:16 on 4 Dec 2014

Great topic, interesting ideas/solutions, and plus points for cats and Hitler (but why no Kitlers?)