Writing Code That Lasts


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Really loved this Dohmscode talk! I had heard at most of the 10 "rules" Rafael lined out this night, but it's nice to see them all listed together with a good explanation as to why you should apply them.

I liked Rafael's presentation style. A perfect balance between informal and serious. Wouldn't change a thing.

Anonymous at 23:20 on 24 Nov 2015

Loved it, very open talk about writing solid code.

Petra Dreiskamper at 23:34 on 24 Nov 2015

Ever wanted to know how to become a better developer, by simple and actually achievable steps? Raphael explains a few rules you could follow and explains why they should matter to you. This is a well thought out talk; very well structured and thoroughly explained by a seasoned pro. Excellent talk.

Inspiring presentation! It was great to hear the explanation of the rules. In some cases it would be nice to see some code to understand why Rafeal says it's better for the 'readability'. However, the next day I implemented some of the rules. Great quote that I still remember: " When you touch some code, leave it better than before.. "