How Do Kids Program in the Wild?


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THE talk of DomCode for me was this one. Felienne understood the acoustics of the big church hall and adjusted her speed of talking to this situation. Aside from that, she gave a talk with awesome content. I've been seeing my kids program with Scratch for a while now but never had had the idea of analyzing what they make and see what lessons I could learn from it. I loved this talk. Thank you.

Anonymous at 10:42 on 6 Nov 2016

Having worked for some years in science myself, i like the scientific approach that Felienne takes on the coding of kids a lot. In this talk she demonstrated the ability to condense months of research in a relatively short talk and explain her findings in a very accessible way. The questions afterwards showed that she inspires her audience to start hypothesising about the subject matter themselves, which is awesome.

Knowing that Felienne would speak made me register early :)

I did not expect this talk to be the top of the day. But it delivered!

Felliene spoke in a clear and calm tone while still being immensely enthusiastic about the research. And well deserved, because it will be more and more important for kids to think in a logical and structured way. Teaching them about code smells in an early age will help those that will be programming (or doing similar jobs) in the future do their job better!

Felienne did not deliver a talk, she told a story - and she told it well. She could stand on any stage and rock it, bringing complex topics in a very understandable way. Best talk I saw at DomCode.

Jeroen Boersma at 10:54 on 7 Nov 2016

Love to see how kids pick up these days, didn't know any of the shown languages and research behind it.
Thanks for these insights, will definitely take a look at some of those

Srdjan Vranac at 13:43 on 7 Nov 2016

An excellent talk on the subject. The data presented, and the way it was presented was above and beyond.