In this talk Adam and Louis, from miggle, will talk through some examples of ‘headless’ Drupal in both D7 and D8, where the user interface hasn’t been Drupal (or even screen-based).

We’ll cover:

* How we integrated Drupal 8 with The Student Room’s page building layer/machine; Nova, all of the other technology they use and the considerations we had to make.
* How we explored other methods of data presentation by writing Alexa skills for the Amazon Echo
* How we used Drupal 7 to manage JSON feeds which were used by other display media, like OOH billboards


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Alick Mighall at 16:32 on 1 Jul 2017

I'll declare a slightly biased interest here - as these guys are from miggle. It was Louis first talk - and he was really assured - and it'd be great to see him do more talks in future - and Adam did a great job in giving him the support he needed in terms of getting slides in order, mentoring and of course, talking about why we do what we do.

An informative talk - it's very interesting to see headless Drupal used in a way that isn't just a website. It seemed odd that there were two presenters but Alick seems to have explained why in another comment. A good technical talk and I look forward to seeing more from Louis.