The mission of mySociety is to ' the digital tools that give people power to get things changed' but at FixMyStreet are we empowering the people who need it or just reinforcing existing privileges?

Is this a service design problem? How can we break the un-virtuous circle: people don’t believe anything will get fixed —> so don’t report anything —> so nothing gets fixed.

This talk will talk about what we have learned from a decade at the front-line of that most British of past-times, complaining about their neighbourhoods, and some ideas for how we might empower more people to make more change.


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Alick Mighall at 09:53 on 1 Jul 2017

Quote of the day re Perl! Great talk - very entertaining and insightful. I liked how he talked about the various levels of engagement needed across all levels of community.

A thought-provoking talk (although I don't *quite* fit into the "pale, male and stale" stereotype!) that made me think about how to reach an intended audience. Think we need to talk with our clients!!