The Youth Hostel Association (England & Wales): a well-established UK charity that has been helping young people, schools, families and friends to explore every part of England and Wales for more than 80 years, and yet recognised that their digital structure was causing them problems. Their business was split over several websites which created the potential for customer confusion and inconsistency of experience and branding. The YHA groups and school trips website, in particular, was slow, difficult to update and outdated.

The solution was to bring together all the different sites under one roof, with the help of Acquia, Drupal 8 and Microserve. By doing this the team were able to use an array of new and exciting services, which enabled them to create a smoother and more engaging customer journey and in turn dramatically increased both traffic and engagement on their site. In addition, the new platform opens up a raft of opportunity to simplify the user journey, connect online and offline digital experiences, and improve back-office management efficiency.

Jon and David talk you through this journey, and explore a new 'hybrid’ client, agency methodology they trialled to deliver the first stage of YHA’s digital transformation.


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Alick Mighall at 09:55 on 1 Jul 2017

Good to be able to hear both sides of the story in a very honest way. The way YHA/Microserve work together the same as how we aim to do it at miggle with our client partners.

Both David and Jon are excellent speakers and delivered a well-rehearsed, polished talk about the relationship between YHA and Microserve. Really enjoyed listening to them speak.