Talk comments

Deji Akala at 15:01 on 3 Jun 2019

Promising tool for automatically fixing code sniffer issues

Deji Akala at 14:58 on 3 Jun 2019

Great overview of PHPUnit in practice

Nina Tymińska at 11:36 on 3 Jun 2019

I am very inspired to dig into subject, thanks! :)

Congrats Nigel, your session was great, it's a pleasure to have you in the community and talk about your experience regarding site performance and how Tome can be combined with other tools to serve static sites! Thank You!

Very informative and inspiring session, I particularly loved the visual part and how Salem reacted on questions and kept all us focused and served different needs: devs, frontend and even testers got many things to take away! Thank You!

Thanks for the insights of increasing quality on open source product by PHP CS Fixer!