Effective Communication for Developers


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Right at the end of the day, this was a very difficult slot to take, but I enjoyed the talk. The content was spot on, and there was some very solid advice given. The delivery could have used some polish though - the slides weren't readable (try printing them with a laser printer, or even better rehearse on a projector if you know a meeting room that uses one that you can try), and the talk came over as a little rough around the edges. Although the advice given in the talk was not to rehearse talks too much, this one would have benefitted from a couple of full run-throughs, to help the points link together, and this would have also enabled you to realise that the talk was a little short for the slot. I'm nitpicking though - overall you did a great job and I'll certainly be looking out for the chance to see you speak again :)

Anonymous at 20:26 on 25 Nov 2013