Mobile Performance Considerations


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Great talk, enjoyed it very much!

Anonymous at 00:54 on 9 Jun 2012

Great talk. Learned really helpful stuff.

Natural speaker but the talking was way too fast and unstructured. Also I had trouble figuring out what the conclusion would be.

"So we have this problem and than you should do this but then again you really shouldn't because of this reason so you can do this but that has disadvantages too so maybe you can do this and now we will have the next problem which lead me to the next the subject"
Uhm... so what was your conclusion of that problem?

I experienced this many times. I really learnt a lot about pitfalls and possible techniques but I didn't get an overview of when to choose what technique and why.

This talk really helped me to see what I was doing wrong, I already discovered many of the stuff mentioned myself during a project which needed a lot of optimization. But still, it took me 2 weeks at that time, while I could've just attend this session and learn it in 45 minutes!
If you're doing mobile development you really need to watch this talk sometime when you have the chance.

really useful tips for mobile developers. thanks!