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Some blank moments, but it was good overall.

Interesting talk but indeed some blank moments

Poorly prepared, run through of capabilities could've been gotten off the website.
Liked the getting started from scratch approach, but again, could've been better prepared.

Preparation could have been better. Anyway interesting subject.

With a jetlag and the android emulator refusing to function, the presenter had everything against him. Taking this into account I'm not really sure if the problem was in the preparation. Or maybe it was prepared for the tutorial day, because if I recall it rightly not all slides were treated. I do think the talk was a bit disorganized and would have like to seen more actual hands-on examples. In terms of creating time for this, I would suggest to show the example for either iOS or Android and just mention that for the other OSes this would go in the same manner.

This talk was clearly not prepared! Continuously searching on a messy desktop while doing an initial PhoneGap project setup.
The abstract said that the performance of PhoneGap would also be discussed but this was not the case.
Really unfortunate... But that creates a lot of room for improvement on this hot topic!

Got even more depressed by the state of programming for mobile after this talk. PhoneGap is by no means a golden goose. Programming for mobile is still just a new version of trying to get something to work in IE6.

Not so well prepared, but not a complete #fail imho

Subject was interesting, only the talk wasn't. When i left at the end, i didn't had a feeling knowing more about it i already knew.

For me, looking at all the presentations, this one scores the least.

Very interesting topic but a lot to fit into 45 minutes. I would have liked at least 2 separate PhoneGap presentations with deeper dives. But I feel the presenter covered as much as he could in 45 minutes.