Turbocharge Your App with HTML5


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Was expecting some code examples. Presentation itself was good, might need some more points in your slides to let your audience keep track of your talk.

Except one or two slides, mostly stacktraces there were no code examples. The "Metro" design of the slides should work great on Windows Phone 7/8;-) But this way some were lacking a bit of detail.

More code woud have been Nice.

I was expecting more examples and less theory. I wasn't convinced Jim knows everything he was talking about.

I think the reason why there weren't so many examples is that the subject was a little too broad. For me it was a nice recap and some 'oh yeah, I forgot about that one'. Instead of a broad view, consider an in-depth talk on just one or two features (e.g. the manifest / offline stuff and localStorage) to get the maximum out of that.

Anonymous at 08:55 on 11 Jun 2012

Very informative, good talk.