Talk comments

Anonymous at 15:03 on 11 Jul 2014

Anonymous at 10:17 on 4 Jul 2014

Great talk, excellent slides, and a passionate speaker... I learned that the whole journey is more important than 1 interaction.

Anonymous at 15:28 on 1 Jul 2014

Coolest keynote ever, Lasers rocks!


Anonymous at 15:26 on 1 Jul 2014

Very nice talk. Very highly skilled on Android. I liked that you got facts and statistics on your slide, very important! Easy to see that you have tons of experience in presenting. What could be better? Hmm.. may add a little more energy and enthusiasm. Liked that you were native English speaking, very pleasant to listen to.

Anonymous at 15:21 on 1 Jul 2014

Interesting. It was easy to relate it to Android. Would be intersting to hear more about your other apps, download stats etc...

Anonymous at 15:19 on 1 Jul 2014

Liked your talk a lot. Also that you speak native English, its very pleasant for us (audience). Also very well prepared and nice-looking slides. Another +1 for the EasyJet tip :-) didn't know that. Also like that you have stats/facts and numbers in your slides as numbers really talk for them selves. Thanks

Anonymous at 15:15 on 1 Jul 2014

The talk was a abit too general. As an experienced developer myself im not sure if there was anything new for me. But the presenter did a good job, and pointed out some important stuff. Maybe put in some more expert-tips and tricks. Instead of just mention that the app-icon is important, you could put some more statistics and facts into your slides, to prove how important and what impact these things have on the success of your app.

For those interested, here is the presentation on Slideshare