Advanced CouchDB


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Really good talk, but seemed much more 'basic to intermediate' than 'advanced'. Lots of good info, but most of it duplicated from previous 'introduction' classes I'd been to before.

Fascinating talk. Lots of information about CouchDb which helps making decisions on whether to investigate more easier. How about a tutorial on it?

Tons of good intro info for CouchDB, which explains the 300 words/minute speed. :)

Made me wanne go home and start working with CouchDB right away, instead of grabbing dinner and having a beer...

Wow, I never heard of CouchDB but after this presentation I see a lot of uses for it in our systems. I didn't see a introduction but I was able to understand it all without problems. Great presentation!

Really good talk, you clearly know your stuff. However you definitely needed more time to cover everything you wanted to say. The rate in which words came out of your mouth was impressive, but good enough to understand still. I was able to follow most of it. I'd say overall: very well done.

Great and enlightening talk on CouchDB. Improvising and bringing the "advanced" down to a level everyone could follow was quite an achievement in itself. And the most words per minute award is well deserved ;-)

Nice intro to CouchDB. Not so advanced though, which was fine for me, having been introduced to CouchDB about a week ago :)

Only ... slow down! It's good to see your enthusiasm, but it may come somewhat slower. It's probably even better to understand then.

I had high hopes for this talk. Jan obviously is an expert at what he does, but with the time constraints the talk didn't turn out as I expected. Perhaps a full-blown workshop would've been much better.

Interesting talk, but still not convinced about that CouchDB is the way. Maybe more time would do the trick and a little more focus on the PHP approach to CouchDB.

Excellent introduction, I think I grokked 80% of how CouchDB works without having heard of it before. Thanks!

Impressed with CouchDB (hadn't looked at it before, so this talk was right at my level), and the presentation content was very good. Toying around with it now.

Speaker: Relax a bit, compress your content into fewer sentences and don't rush. It'll improve your ability to convey your message. It was a good presentation, but there were bets going round on when you were going to pass out from lack of oxygen. :-)

Great talk but I feel it missed some real life comparisons, so I was still left wondering how I would implement certain things I've done now in a non-relational style.

Even just one example of "here's an example MySQL schema, and here's how I'd implement that using CouchDB"

Otherwise extremely interesting though, an well presented (if a bit hyper)