More, now than ever, websites need fast response times and be able to cope under load. As web pages contain more and more dynamically generated content, the challenge is on for PHP developers to develop efficient caching solutions. This presentation will focus on using caching techniques that can be used in a PHP project to increase the performance of a web site. We will look at a variety of caching techniques, showing practical implementations and before and after statistics. We will also cover the cache storage options available and when you might use one over another. We will also address how to get browsers to cache content for us using HTTP headers.


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Great talk, covering all the different levels (code bits, page cache, opcode cache and browser cache) you can implement caching with a few lines of code and good supportive data to show the speedup.

I have been working with Zend_Cache for a while now, but Rob has shown me a couple of hints I can implement a better way to cache objects and pages.

Thanks Rob, job well done !