Digg: The First Two Years


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So what was the point of this?

And I payed 300 € for this??? I want my money back... How to rate with zero thumbs up??

Definitely the worst keynote speech ever. Forget the "keynote" - maybe just the worst speech ever.

Sorry, somehow missed the attention to raise hands for question "who knows Kevin Rose" as did the rest of the audience. And it happened again and again... How comes?

Not a great keynote, really. Next time some more raunchy technical details please!

Sorry, but I have to be rude: that was absolutely useless and somehow insulting.

Next time send someone who can actually show interest in the stuff he's built, rather than a bored guy who uses terms like "bla bla bla" and "not very interesting" to describe his own slides on stage.

This was just ridiculously pointless. I had a laugh though :P

I could probably listen to Owen reminiscing about the early years of Digg for hours.... but not as a badly prepared keynote on "hangover morning". Sorry.

Not sure how anyone expected a tour through the waybackmachine to be interesting for backend developers. Or, seeing the way it was done, even for frontend developers. Most certainly sub-par.

Didn't really see the point in this talk, other than allowing people to sober up from the night before.

I expected a more technical talk how Digg grew and how they coped it.