The Ivo and Cal Show (With friends)


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A good closure of these great days. Thank a lot for all the new ideas and confirmation that we are doing things right :)

The actual questions and panel discussion felt a bit forced, quite a few generic questions/answers. The twitter/picture slideshow totally saved it though, so still a very enjoyable show.

Pretty nice discussion forum, though I heard Ivo much less than Cal.

The twitter/picture slideshow behind the people on stage made it entertaining and fun. But it seems like the speakers & topics could have been planned a bit better. (Obviously the crowd questions can't be planned, but the topics that the speakers would be discussing/debating/etc). Instead of being focused on a topic or two, was 5 different people touching very different topics, and therefore instead of being a panel, was more like lots of separate short talks.

Good, but not perfect. As another reviewer said, the twitter/slideshow is what made it the most enjoyable :-D, and more than made up for any slow segments during the chat. I would have really liked to see a focused panel though talking between each other about hot topics in PHP however.

This session worked quite well, but I felt that the questions for Andrei and Paul were not as well structured as the ones for Lorna. Also, I agree with Eli in that picking a couple of clear topics for discussion would have tied the interviews together. Ivo needs to talk more, but that's hard when you're competing with Cal on a roll!

The slide show running above their heads with Twitter and Flickr photos from the conference was very funny :)