What are you talking about? Document classification in PHP.


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Very nice talk, formlas went a bit quick for me but the gist is entirely clear. Also explains how Marek van der Jagt was traced back to being an alias for Arnon Grunberg (interesting issue some years ago in Dutch Literature)!

Simply excellent, nice talking speed, just enough code examples and just enough detail to keep me focused. Good job!

An interesting and original topic which was presented with clarity and vigour.

A technical topic, very well presented and pitched at a great technical level.

Excellent talk, really useful, well presented. And nice jacket.

Like I told you live, that was really good. To share with the others, I think there was a good tradeoff between the notions presented and the practical PHP approach to those. Definitely in my DPC09 TOP 5.

Talented speaker, nice content, very good conference stuff.

Well-prepared session, beautiful slides, and clear delivery. Well done Ian, hope we'll see you speaking at another event!

Very good talk on a pretty big subject area. Excellent presentation and delivery. Like Joe said above the maths side of it went a bit to quick for me also. I think that was more to do with the fact they ran out of coffee in the foyer and I didn't get my full caffeine quota before hand.

*heads over to slideshare to recap ;-)