97 Things Every Programmer Should Know


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Do Lots of Deliberate Practice... Agreed. Sound advice.

Very good speaker. Captures the audience's attention. The principles he talks about apply to any programmer, regardless of the language he programs in.

Inspiring, will find out about the rest not mentioned

Great speaker and wonderful keynote

Great opening key note by a very charasmatic speaker. The talk has something for all levels of programmer, with very accessably examples.

Brilliant opening to the conference. Really interested to read about the other 80 or so things!

things that makes you go hrmmm This must be about me! Inspirering and filled with good humor

Great speaking style. Inspiring and entertaining.
Well done!

A talk that makes your mind fizz and pop with new ideas, enthusiasm and excitement.

Kevlin is really natural speaker, great listen and great topic.

Really a great keynote with some good insight thoughts.

When I woke up in the morning I said "today I want to have fun". Kevlin helped a lot...

Great presentation, guess I'll buy the book

Interesting and amusing keynote, set a great tone for the day! Will be checking out the book on Safari bookshelf asap.

Great keynote, thinking about buying the book

Liked it very much!

Always learn stuff when I talk to Kevlin. The articles in the book are great and it was nice to hear the editor's personal insights on them. Only criticism I can bring is that the actual book-plugging took a bit too long at the start before the meatier content. Still, I'm just quibbling there. Achieved the goal off kicking off and setting the tone for the day.

Great talk; great tips were given which not only developers should consider. The humor was good though I was under the impression that the sound in the back of the room was not great.

This is the second of kevlins talks that I have seen and this was as good as I hoped it would be. He set the bar pretty high again for the quality of the talks at the conference and got the day off to a fantastic start!

Kevlin is a really entertaining and knowledgable speaker and I always come away from his talks feeling like I have learned something.

Was nice to hear. But if you read the 1999 book 'the pragmatic programmer' you know al 97 rules already.

If you have the book (and everyone who attended a tutorial day does) then there wasn't much to be gained by this keynote. But thanks for the book!

Enjoyable intro to the day with lots of good, solid tips.

Very entertaining speaker with good content.

This guy knows how to speak!! Very intertaining and a lot of interesting points. I might actually go read the book.

Great talk from Kevlin. He really knows how to speak in front of an audience. Never boring, always enthusiastic. Loved it.

Very good keynote! Will read the book. Especially the part about estimations which I found very insightful.

Anonymous at 18:41 on 11 Jun 2010

{ book ordered } inspiring talk! I did also find estimations the most insightful part.

Very entertaining and informative

a very good salesman. I orderded the book. But seriously excellent opener and funny way of bringing a reality check to i guess 95% of the audiance :)

good speaker and content!

Interesting contents and great speaker.

Really enjoyed the opening keynote. Set the tone for a great day! Amusing and very insightful.

Excellent opening keynote. And it was about curly braces, so what more could you want?

Engaging keynote, fun and well thought out

Great keynote, with a huge amount of humor while still getting the message out.

Enjoined it very much. The book has been ordered

Very interesting talk.

Awesome speaker, great tips and definitely going to buy the book. (But he could have spent a little less time selling it... ;-)

awesome talk, the book sure seems interesting. there were two or three obvious jokes but the speaker was good...

Interesting talk with lots of bits of usefull information

Loved it! Charismatic speaker with a massive wealh of content.

Simply awesome and very entertaining.

wonderfull topic, very good presentation

This was a fun session to start with, and although 97 tips wouldn't fit into the schedule it would be nice to spend less time per item and present more tips. Don't see this as something negative though, wanting more after seeing this is actually a good thing.

Excellent opening keynote. One that set the tone of the conference. Just makes you want to be better. I've had a lot of fun creating Tag Clouds from my source code. Will very likely buy the buy the book.