Agile PHP Software Development


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The slides are good and the topics seem OK, but you lost me after a few minutes. Not because the subject isn't interesting, but I got bored. Maybe because it was the last talk of the day, but I think it could use more excitement!

I was bored pretty quick too. The pace was too slow for my taste and not enough depth.

When people are leaving the room, you may want to cut the question part, especially when 2 or 3 people are only talking with each other.

And the comment that PHP code is always dirty and Java is pretty and clean... Really?? You might be at the wrong conference ;)

Quite a poor speech, yet what has really disappointed me is the inconsistency of the contents and the weak arguments used to support some (IMO completely subjective) assertions.

Too many subjects that were lacking depth. Would have liked to see more actual practical information on how to implement agile.

Discussion at the end should have been cut short by the speaker and continued elsewhere.

Beautiful slides though...

I had thought that this presentation would complement the Scrum Workshop I had attended. Unfortunately it didn't. Thorsten is clearly very knowledgeable and experienced in this area, so I had really hoped for more depth and detail.

Poor presentation. The interesting stuff were the answers to some of the questions, and these answers or insights did not come from the speaker but from other attendees. I think the speaker knows some things about the subject, but it did not get across. I was confused: Are Chrystal, XP and SCRUM part of Agile or are they alternatives to it? What parts were part of Agile and what parts were just an example of a way to do Agile? Probably an introduction to the layout of the presentation would have helped.

When the main part of the presentation started, in which I think Agile was actually explained, it only showed empty slides. I have to say they had nice photos in the background, but it might have helped if the slides supported the presentation by putting in a few lines of text.
Also the speaker was so nervous I almost felt sorry.

Reading the other comment about the "PHP code is always dirty" remark. This was so weird I dismissed it immediately. What was that all about?

I agree with the above comments. If you use slides, put something on them. I can browse flickr if i want pretty pictures.