Async webservices with php and nodejs


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It lacked colour ...

I would lower the time taken to explain that DB's are slow (we all know that and what the difference is between synchronous and asynchronous). And I'm not sure if you know about http_pecl ( but other then that it was an OK talk, wasn't quite what I expected.

Liked it. Gave me some new ideas. I agree that it would have been nice to see a more elaborate example of backend access, but this talk was clearly meant to give a basis for more research, not a complete howto.

Good talk, although hard to understand fully of you're not familiar with node.js. Also some more presentation preps would have been in order

Liked this talk, could've used more preparation.

Like the subject of the talk, but then i really wanted to hear more about node.js
Instead the talk focused a bit too much on both async php and node.js
making it not go deep enough for either topic.
Shame about the slides as well.

Even though all of the above still enjoyed the presentation, and picked up some useful stuff

I was a little bit disappointed, because a lot of time in the talk was dedicated to rants. I don't mind rants, but they should give me something to take home.
At the end Sebastian gave some nodejs example, which were interesting, I would've like to see more.

chaotic presentation, I'm not convinced about the solutions for the given problems. Never got deeper than the surface.