Crash! Burn! Recover!


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Great presentation, I had some good laughs and you really got me inspired to writing an Air app with Flex

Cal actually made a sales pitch presentation fun! He's honest about which bits are good, which aren't and what's good for prototyping vs.production. Live code demo, but he holds the attention well and was prepared for when it went wrong. Late in the day and he managed to keep the crowd awake, which is always an achievement.

Hilarious and reasonably light-hearted session to end the day. Cal gave a good intro to Flash Builder 4 and dealt well with his live-coding demo, especially considering he was relying on Eclipse not misbehaving ;-)

Went to the talk without knowing what the subject was. When Cal opened a flex xml file, I remember thinking "oh no".

Great thing about Cal is that he can make any topic entertaining and interesting. He didn't convert me to Flexism, but I enjoyed the presentation a lot. Good way to end the day.

Oh my god. I think i may actually consider using Flash after this. Life changing talk.

Excellent introduction to Flash Builder by Cal. It's refreshing to find out both the good and the bad about the product. Cal is a very good presenter who is fun to listen to.

Besides a well-explained introduction he gave us some memorable quotes as well (again). If he would have nailed the example he would have gotten 5 out of 5! :-)

Cal was very brave and unsurprisingly awesome (but he still didn't sell me on Flex).

Talks by Cal are always a guarantee for a enjoyable time. I'm not at all interested in flex (found out too late the talk was about that /facepalm) But because of Cal I'm now reasonably sure I can make a flex app, or at the very least find some good vodka & oranges recipes.

Good and effective demonstration with a nice bit of Cal Evans humour.

Cal knew how to steal the show again, and although this session had nothing to do with PHP it was great to see an application getting build up from the ground in Flex.
But I'm sorry to say that I still don't see a large future for me in building these myself.