Design for Scalability with Hierarchical MVC


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Speaker spoke clearly and had good knowledge of the subject area, but I didn't get as much as I hoped from the talk. Couldn't read the green or blue writing on the black background in code examples from halfway back. Probably better if you are an existing Kohana developer, but neither the title or description mentions the fact that this a demo of the Kohana framework and not about software or application design in general.

good talk with easy to understand examples. the speaker could try to be more active and modulate his voice to mark the important points.

I rather liked the way the presentation kicked off, describing the history of HMVC, PAC and its interaction with SOA. The latter part dealt mostly with the implementation in Kohana and was of less interest to me. It would be nice to have known beforehand that the presentation dealt mostly with Kohana.

HMVC simply and clearly explained. Perhaps the focus was put too much in its implementation in Kohana.

Speaker spoke well and knew his stuff. Talk title should have mentioned that the talk only involved the Kohana framework. So the second half was of little interest to me.

Good talk, covered the subject well. I don't agree with the 'complaints' about only talking about Kohana. He just used Kohana to illustrate the principles. I can see how this could work with Zend Framework.

Learned all I wanted to know about HMVC. The speaker should add some more 'fire' in his voice. We don't use Kohana so that part was useless for me.