Under PHP's hood


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Great talk,gained much insight into the PHP engine.

Great talk, very knowledgable speaker.
Slides could use some more work and it would help the people in the back to repeat the questions.

Very interesting talk about PHP internals and a new blog to subscribe to :)

Good introduction into PHP internals from a developers point of view. Not too technical, with enough information to know what to do when PHP seems to b0rk.

Knowledgeable speaker, solid & relaxed talk.

missed stuff like zvals, hashes etc, but this talk was easily umderstandable for non-C programmers as well.

A very approachable talk by Johannes which covered interesting topics in an easy to understand way.

Nice. Learnt a lot about php internals at DPC this year, another great talk delivered well :-)

Johannes had a great talk on the innards of PHP. He offered practical performance advise and things to avoid. I like his calm way of presenting difficult subjects and his openness to discussion.

The speaker was very knowledgable, but the talk did not go in depth enough for me.

a very good talk; I would love to see it in a 2-step approach: start from the simple things, but do touch at least one more advanced topic, so that even a more experienced developer can go with something new in the knowledge "luggage"