Web services for consumer devices


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A few pointers were made to things you should pay attention off when working with embedded/mobile devices. Although I missed the point you were trying to make in the talk, the things you mentioned made sense.

The talk was okay, but a little basic, could've used more examples.

Unfortunately very little information during this presentation, maybe next time keep in mind the audience are developers

There was a real lack of depth and detail. It was as informative as a casual one page article. Disappointing.

Nice concept but a little basic next time some more depth please.

Some nice points about how to deal with web services, a lot of which would apply to all uses (i.e. desktop as well as low-featured/powered devices). Nice to hear someone else agree sessions are unreliable when dealing with web services. Talk was a little difficult to follow at times, some of the questions at the end weren't clearly repeated (by the speaker) so I couldn't really follow the answers.

A little too basic for my taste.

Too basic and out of the PHP interest in my opinion, also the talk ended too early.