Zend Framework offers excellent facilities for creating RESTful web services via the Zend_Rest_Route component. Couple this with its ContextSwitch action helper, and it's trivially easy to provide RESTful endpoints for a variety of contextual endpoints, including XML and JSON.||In this session, we'll look closely at the mechanics and implications of Zend_Rest_Route, how and when to do content-type negotiation, and several approaches to making the logic in your controller re-usable across content types. Additionally, we'll look at how such a RESTful service might be consumed by client-side scripting via Dojo's JsonRestStore -- providing a real-world case for implenting REST in your web application.


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This is the sort of presentation that inspires you go off and try some techniques, tools, or services that you haven't used before (or nearly enough). The speaker obviously knows the subject matter really, really well.

Great talk by a great speaker. Matthew knows the subject like noone else.

Heavy stuff for beginners but at the end it became all clear.

Practical, straight to the point and nicely driven.

Confirmation that 'we did it the right way' (cheers). But I missed the 404 resource not found ;)

Well executed talk, that sheds some more light on how to write 'proper' zf software

Gr8 talker. I like the idea of using the paginator for content filtering. Also the Chain() part was new to me. Well done!

I liked the suggested implementation with router and action helper. Such a lesson should continue for hours, it was really interesting and well exposed.