Closing Keynote: Open Teams


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Koen at 16:29 on 21 May 2011

Another great keynote! I think Cal is right with his opinion about this subject and hope he convinced some managers :) The jokes were freakin' awesome!

Simply awesome! More people (especially managers) need to see this

Inspiring Cal.
Open-source is channeling those four words into their veins, seeing you advocate for applying them as a more generic solution, testifies of the validity of open-source development model.

Good any fun talk. With some good management ideas.

Inspiring talk! I'm really sorry, but I didn't see anything which I didn't like. And I'm a manager but consider myself more as a team lead :)

I do not totally agree but i really liked your yalk en sure usefull

Good vibe, good content.

The target audience was (clearly) not developers, so that was a bit strange. Developers can, however, communicate/demand this from the companies they work for.

I liked way of talking and whole concept, very good keynote.

Inspiring keynote, great way to close off a great conference

A great delivery of a subject that is dear to me. It is very hard to push for these things as a contractor though! :-(

Good and very entertaining talk. Although I am a developer and a team lead I do not agree with everything. Although I can't put my finger on why, it was not nearly as good as the opening keynote from the day before, so 4 out of 5.

It's always a pleasure to hear and see you talk. The only downside this time is that I read both your articles on this subject, so the contents were known to me in advance. Still, hearing it directly from you is a different experience. I would have given the opening keynote 6 had it been available, so I will still give you 5. A range is just a range after all.

Solid and entertaining keynote with a clear message.

Very insightful and entertaining talk. Did give good ammo for convincing your management about op development. Was slightly more geared towards management whereas the audience were mainly developers.

As expected, it was a great talk Cal !

Very inspiring, definitely something management must hear.

I wonder how much time will it take until the open source model of development is globally understood and adopted at the enterprise level. Nice talk, thanks for spreading these thoughts. It's true that 90% of the audience were not managers yet the idea is so inspiring anyways!

Good choice for a closing keynote - not heavy technical stuff, but more business related concepts that are valuable for developers to take away with them. Can't fault the delivery, his conviction comes across clearly. As he clearly stated, not everyone will agree with his points and that actually meant to sparked off some interesting discussion in the airport later on.

Great talk - pity my boss wasn't here. There's just no way on earth I could ever convince the boss to implement all of the points, but you never know... I might get away with one or two.

Great talk, really looking forward to that book you tried not to mention!

I liked it. And yes, really, we deserve better managers. We are worth it. And I totally agreed when you said that it was *our* responsability for the perception other people could have of us. We have to maintain our image.

I don't agree with everything that Cal espoused, but his belief in those principles was clear. Certainly, dragging the management of software development teams into the 21st century needs to be done; but is almost impossible if it isn't done from the top-down, as you're fighting against vested interests.
The talk was very much aimed at those who are in charge of development teams and companies, rather than the developers themselves. The latter will certainly agree with most of what Cal said, the former need convincing to see the light... but Cal's conviction in those principles, and the arguments he set forth to justify them should persuade even the most victorian-minded managers to at least consider what he said.

Very entertaining and informative talk.
It's a shame my manager didn't see it...

This talk inspired me to. I'm now motivated to fight for being satisfied developer at my main job. Really good one.
A bit to much time spend on discussing "freedom of location" in developers work.