Many people use Zend Framework for it's MVC implementation, but it has a lot of hidden gems. Internationalization (i18n) is one of them. We will look how you can create an application that will have the right languages, currencies, dates and times all based on the location of the visiting user. This session will take away a lot of headaches in international projects and will improve the quality in overall.


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Very good presentation where you can learn the possibilities to get an international website/app. A good addition to this presentation in my opinion is to look more into the things that can go wrong or to keep in mind.

I wouldn't say there were any "hidden gems" revealed during this talk but it more or less delivered what it said on the tin.

As I also said after the talk I would like to see the use of Zend_Translate in the routing. This is some code of mine* where @map means that it will be converted to something else else according to resources.translate.locale in application.ini:

new Zend_Controller_Router_Route('@map/:latitude/:longitude', array(
'controller' => 'locations',
'action' => 'map',
'longitude' => '',
'latitude' => '',

*) I don't know if this is how you are supposed to do, but it works... :-)

No hidden gems maybe, but you definitely know your subject and saved us the time to lookup how the directory scanning works with language files. Good overview.

I might have been hoping for more from this. It seemed a little like a summary of a manual for a few functions/classes. Though to be fair it does mean I don't have to RTFM now.

However Martin did a good job presenting.

You did it fine for your first time. I would adjust the presentation and go more in depth about the differences with the native possibilities in PHP and why you prefer to use Zend_Date and so on... Try also to do a bit more resource about the function itself, like if Zend_Locale also call setlocale on PHP.