Optimising a Zend Framework application


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Nice talk and I got quite a lot of new tips to improve overall performance by little tweaks and it was good to get some of the strategies we already use approved :-)

Good talk, liked the simple actions you can take.
The Q&A bit at the end was very appropriate for this type of talk too.

Very well done talk offering plenty of good advice to take home, even if you had already read the ZF Performance guide. I will definitely try out some of the optimizations.

Nice talk with very useful tips!

Lots of cool tips optimiZending my application ;)

Good talk. Very clear. Learned quite a few things. Keep up the good work!

found this to be the most useful of all the ZF talks.
I don't know if it was join.in feedback or just that one of his earlier talks ran over, but the pace, energy and humour were all increased in this one.

I'll be putting some of this in place as soon as I get back to work.

I liked this talk because Rob didn't say way we had to do, but what be should not do. That's a change ;-)

Rob is born to perform on stage. So the talk was interesting.
Talk was well prepared with a lot of valuable content.
Very nice:)