Practical Git


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Thanks for your very good talk!

I use git in a team. Stil i get some new infos. Thx mate

Anonymous at 20:57 on 21 May 2011

very good talk saw some new things that i can,t wait to try out

A big WOW for the presentation software used and how it was used. I didn't even know such things were possible.
Nice to watch and listen to. You explained some very interesting things about git to me. Still puzzled by the complexity of git that designers will never be able to use, so not convinced to switch from bzr (also a DVCS) to git, but that was clearly not the intention.

Very nice talk, I really enjoyed it!

Good talk, wasnt too hard to follow even though I was not familiar with git. You did loose focus at some points. We all loved your svn bashing!

Great talk, in-depth and well prepared, the in-browser slides looked very slick. Good use of humor, especially svn bashing and "ZE GERMAN" rules. Strong on content as well, no bullshit introduction where it's stated you already know what you're doing with Git in a basic way, saves time explaining the fancy stuff.

I do not use Git and I feel a little bit trapped by the first word of the title 'Practical'. So, if I want to start using Git I have to learn it the hard way : experiment. Or learn it from another place. The fancy slides are very nice, but I felt seasick after a while ;-)

Great presentation, highly informative considering the time constraints. I would look for a different title though as "Practical Git" doesn't say much. I enjoyed it.

Nice talk although i'm a newbie with git.

Also the slides where refreshing!