Pursuing Practices of Domain - Driven Design in PHP


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Try to have your drawings included in your sheets, that way you can practice on explaining the core of the drawing, instead of the drawing itself. Also try not to talk about doctrine, as not everybody is well knows with it. More examples would have been nice.

Little bit disapointed that here were no code examples in the talk of best practises. It was a little bit hard to follow with your accent but there is nothing you can do about that. Good luck with your next presentations.

I also would've liked some more code examples and practical issues you encountered during the last months while working with DDD. Most talks or articles about DDD focus on the theoretical part, which is why I had hoped the pursuing practices talk would be different. I will definitely take a closer look on the github repos later, which might contain the examples we are looking for. Overall, it wasn't a bad talk, just not what I expected.

More code or perhaps even some interactivity would've helped this talk a lot, the first half was very theoretical, the second half was very Doctrine2 specific.

I would have liked to see and hear more of how you have implemented DDD in your project(s) and a little less about what the Domain Model is.

Also, I don't think that Ordo notation is a good way of describing how aggregates simplify the number of entity relations, as O(n*m) actually is the same as O(n^2), if I remember correctly. Next time just skip the Ordo and go with the m*n only!

Everyone but those in the front row probably did not see your drawings...

I had a hard time understanding the speaker because of his accent. Also would have liked to see more about the designing concepts of DDD. Maybe an example "domain" as a guide to take the audience through the steps / process involved would have clarified the subject a bit better. I wanted to take away how I can start with my next project using DDD, did not get that.

Poor english pronunciation made it hard to follow. Creating a drawing during a talk should never be done with a room this large and a professional conference like this. Doctrine did not come across, I think it maybe should have been mentioned but the doctrine example was not clear without a code example next to it.
I did however learn some stuff from this talk.

Anonymous at 08:03 on 21 May 2011

As someone in twitter said, was like a bad university lecture. Difficult to follow and although the topic seemed to be interesting, in the end it turned out to be a boring talk. Sorry, but you need to improve your talk and presentation skills for the next one!

Would have liked to see more code examples. This subject is probably more suitable for a tutorial.

Interesting but I had expected a bit more practical information. Doctrine 2 could have been given more attention while Zend Framework got little more than a passing reference. On a positive side, the presentation was well prepared and the speaker came across as knowledgeable of the domain.

Anonymous at 11:53 on 21 May 2011

Hard to follow, felt like time wasted. Could be so much better if more code was shown and not using the flipover

Bit of an incoherent talk. Two very different parts, where both were probably only well-understandable for people who knew the topic anyway. Also, the accent made it more difficult to follow.

Difficult to follow because of the accent of the speaker and unreadable writings on a flip-over (especially with the red marker). The topic was interesting.

Anonymous at 01:09 on 22 May 2011

Two big remarks here
1) Implement drawings/schema's ect in the slideshow or present them large more readable.
2) Accents are not a bad thing but can make you harder to understand but if you have an accent try not talk to fast and try to speak out load instead of mumbling to yourself. I had the idea as soon as something was a bit more difficult volume went down and speed went up what made me miss a lot.

I can understand the other comments here, but I think it was a very useful presentation. Altough it was a bit hard to follow sometimes because of the accent.

A very nice introductory to DDD.

I only have 2 issues, far too much time was spent on Doctrine without much clarification as to why it was mentioned and the use of the flip chart.

Other than that, a good talk that needs some slight refinement.


* For what it's worth, I found the accent quite endearing. ;)

Besides being a bit superficial for a proper introduction to DDD, the talk was very hard to follow completely for two reasons;
- Flipboard, have the stuff on the slides to begin with
- Accent is not bad, but combined with echo and undertuned speakers made it hard to hear.

No problem regarding your accent! Be proud of your origins.
However, in such conference, one expect much more in depth content.
What has been said could have been done in 10 minutes for an intermediate level talk.

Try improving your slides by putting less on a single slide and moving to the next slide faster. (David Zuelke has slides that are only up a couple of seconds...)
Using some diagrams on the screen would make things better to follow.

With your accent, try to speak a bit slower and louder, that would make it easier for people to follow you despite the accent.