Simplify your external dependency management


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Interesting new look at pear and maven for dependency management. Overall really interesting overview of various solutions to the problem.

Was interesting to see how easy it apparently is to package a debian package. Pear was touched but what I missed was that a con of PEAR packaging is that i can be quite complex when you do not read up on it on forehand.
I had trouble getting a good view of Maven; perhaps a little too abstract for me to follow?

Not at all what I expected from the description. I expected a management like overview: when to update, procedures to keep track of updates, how to reserve time for this, stuff like that. I did not expect to find myself in the middle of all these complex tools. The fact that the code base wouldn't be complete while coding was a bit underestimated to me: What about a designer that also needs to checkout, change, test and commit a project?

No doubt the contents of the talk are useful to some and the talk wasn't bad. Just not what I came for.

The presentation didn't match the description that well.

Not what I expected from the title and description. Was hoping to get tips / tricks in solving problems with managing external dependency like svn:externals.

The presentation was clear and understandable. I expected a bit more information about actually managing the external dependencies.