So you think you know REST?


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Were you ever so nervous ;)

Some concrete examples of REST implementations would've been welcome, too. It always gives a better understanding for techies.

Otherwise: well-structured and to-the-point presentation of REST/HTTP.

All in all, job well done!

Good pragmatic overview of REST over HTTP with some helpful tidbits in there around headers. Good to highlight how much the protocol does for you which often gets mistakenly re-invented. Nice relaxed style of delivery and clear slides. Useful questions at the end covering some of the implementation details.

Nice overview on the subject and highlighting why many systems are actually RPC. Evert is obviously very knowledgeable on the topic. He does Uhmm err and ehmm a lot though.

Not too fond of this talk. It was very dry and quite HTTP centric. I missed some more information about Resources, Representations, Richardson's Maturity Model HATEOAS and how REST enables us to build Domain Application Protocols. If I hadnt already read a few books about REST before I probably still wouldn't know what its about or why it's cool.

Missed some samples and demos.

This talk was suffered from a title that didn't match its content and a speaker that was difficult to understand. The content that was included was absolutely accurate and well presented, and I think the speaker would have been engaging if he'd been more confident.

Thanks for the great feedback!

REST seems to be a sensitive subject, or...?

Anyway, I learned some interesting semantics about REST services, such as certain HTTP headers, HTTP status code and the "newer" HTTP methods.

Last but not least I don't remember this part of the talk, and it was a selling point for me:

"We'll take you through the process of building a real REST service"

It was more of an overview than a tech talk with some hands on coding examples. At least that's what I had hoped for. Speaker could have slowed down a bit but overall informative.

I have the feeling I learned more about HTTP than I learned about REST. But the speaker explained the why of that very well, so after all it was a very useful talk.

Nice talk. Very informative. Could have benefited from a little more structure. I missed the explanation of what a 'Resource' is and how it relates to 'addressability'.

Very nice talk, I liked the pragmatic viewpoint.

Sorry, i had expected more practical information on the implementation of rest. Not a overview of http statuscode i can look up on wikipedia as welll. Although i didn't knew about 418.