Strong cryptography is the usage of systems or components that are considered highly resistant to cryptanalysis, the study of methods to cracking the codes. In this talk I would like to present the usage of strong cryptography in PHP. Security is a very important aspect of web applications especially when they manipulate data like passwords, credit card numbers, or sensitive data (as health, financial activities, sexual behavior or sexual orientation, social security numbers, etc). In particular I will present the extensions mcrypt, Hash, and OpenSSL that are been improved in the last version of PHP. To have an overview about the topics of the talk you can refer to my recent post on my blog:


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very informative talk, a lot of new insides. thank you

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Anonymous at 12:36 on 21 May 2011

I was a little bit disappointed by the talk. He didn't introduce theortical concepts of cryptography to show what are the differences between strong and weak cryptography (IND-CPA, IND-CCA).

Also I missed side notes on why SHA1/MD5 is broken and what are problems for hashcode. For me it was a lot about showing functions and extensions that one can look up in the manual, but not enough deeper stuff about cryptography and ciphers in general.

Just a good talk, informative overview with some hands on at the end.

I was positve suprised. Thx

Good presentation. Unlike some other talks this talk was tailored to PHP.

Great Presentation. Strong Code Examples.

one of the few talks that were actually tailored to PHP.
Talk didn't went very fluently, felt like you had to figure out what to tell next. Not sure what caused that.