TDD and getting paid


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Good content and good presentation style

Great talk, good pace and enough mix between humor and sincere content

Yeah, nice. Very good talk. The code worked. Go testing.

Good talk, would have liked to have the real life coding session replaced with refactor examples from legacy to tdd

Good talk as usual from Rowan.
Would've liked some more in-depth examples or stories though.
It was a shame he had to end his talk early because I believe this talk could've benefited a LOT from Q&A.

Good talk and ditto content. Loved the kata bit, a bit more time would've allowed more in-depth discussion of the cons / real life issues with TDD.

Rowan is entertaining as always. The talk started with a few tangents before the real content kicked in, unfortunately the short talk slot meant we ran out of time and I think the audience would have liked to have asked some questions. Loved the social elements of actually making it happen and how to measure the business metrics as well as the technical aspects. Plus a live demo, nice job!

I liked the talk very much, except for the glaring presentation template.

It was assuring (in a way) that he had the same experiences with automating Selenium tests as I have. (Need to sprinkle the tests with "sleep" to get them working, and maybe still not perfectly anyway.)

If there had been more time I would have liked to hear more about testability and handling of "legacy code", respectively.

4/5 because the talk did not end on time.

thinking about implementing TDD in our company and you sure told me what I needed to know. What the caveats are and what should be realized before fully switching to TDD, this was the most interesting sheet to me.
A good and useful talk, not outstanding. But the "not outstanding" part might be due to the preceding keynote that nobody can compete with.

Great talk, too bad the timeslot was too short.
The next time I would like too see more coverage on the drawbacks and problems that can arise when starting to implement TDD.

Agree with relaxnownl, Q&A would be a welcome addition.

Good talk, but would have loved to hear a bit more about the practical issues when implementing TDD. Given the short time it was a pity to hear 20-or-so minutes being 'wasted' by explaining what TDD is.

Good talk, but the slides were not on the same level as the talk. Too much noise in it.

Spoke really clear and was good to follow. Contents where good, but I expected a little more about how we can confince our employers to pay and expect the testing.

Good presentation.

Slides (beside being a bit distracting) and clarity of speech made this presentation stand out. I would only object Rowan for his, somewhat colorless tone of voice, which didn't help me stay focused.

Good talk, nice slides. Would have loved to see a bit more practical stuff, but the timeslot was short.