The methodologists seem to rise and I suppose they are somewhat right. From the early days when we used things like the V-Model or the Waterfall a lot of things happened in Development Space that tried to:

- grow the rate of success in projects
- use wisdom of the crowds
- simply result in more enjoyable jobs
- get stuff delivered bugfree

This talk will try to give a brief introduction to agile by looking at:

- History of Agile
- Extreme programming
- Scrum
- Kanban

Innovation Games
The aim is to provide basic information for the agile newbie, fill gaps on the map that you might have if you use one of the methods named or another one left out and leaves lots of space for listener feedback. Agile is not a fixed concept, it's a idea in development for more than a decade and still there is lot of space for improvements.

Isn’t it enough to see that software development is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too? NO!


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Loved this talk. Good talker, knows how to present his content. Likd the historical overview and it was educational for me.

Rated 4

Anonymous at 01:05 on 22 May 2011

good clear talk lots of information about the history of agile

I found it kind of weird he started out with "I wanted to talk about this, but instead I will now talk about that" and it looked as if he didn't really want to [but would have liked to give the presentation he initially had in mind].

Quite some references to scrum, and since I don't know scrum it was not really to follow what he was talking about sometimes.

I would have expected a talk on agile wrt php, but this was more generic. That may have been my fault though.