Many services / applications now a day are ill equipped with handling a sudden rush of popularity, as is often the case on the internet now a days, to a point where the services either become unavailable or unbearably slow.

By taking a chapter from the ant colonies in the wild, where their strength lies in their numbers and the fact that everyone works together towards the same goal, we can apply the same principle to our service by using systems such as

* gearman
* memcache
* daemons
* message queues
* load balancers

and many more, you can achieve greater performance, more redundancy, higher availability and have the ability to scale your services up and down as required easily.

During this talk attendees will be lead through the world of distributed systems and scalability, and shown the how, where and what, of how to take the average application and splitting it into smaller more manageable piece.


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Started fairly basic with the introduction to distributed applications, but got more interesting after the break as we moved onto gearman itself, with brief mention of other such tools (such as ZeroMQ, which will be covered in more detail tomorrow in Ian Barber's session on that topic)

Reasonable intro to various concepts. Helgi's quite obviously got some valuable real life experience with this stuff. Would have liked more of the detail though - actual configuration and code. Felt more like a long talk rather than a workshop. Nice explanations of some of the architectures though.

It was really interesting to hear about the possibilities and the real-life experiences of Helgi regarding distributing all kinds of processes. It makes me wanna know more about it!

I agree with Rowan. It was an interesting talk which explained a lot of concepts and strategies, but I came in expecting a hands-on workshop or at least some code examples.

nice talk by Helgi, however I would have enjoyed a demo or hands-on example to play with.

As this was supposed to be a workshop I would also have liked to see and try some code, but thanks to the above-code level I may be able to use more of the talk on my current non-PHP projects... :-)

The anecdotes were nice to hear!

Good talk, that's why it deserves a 4-star rating. But I would also prefer a more hands-on approach.

The story telling was pretty cool, but I kept wondering when the actual "action" would come.

Got very inspired by this talk. Little hands on would make it perfect but probably wouldn't have fitted in the 3 hour time slot

I had expected a more hands-on experience with Gearman and/or other tools. But after having experienced this workshop I have a lot of ideas and inspiration which I can use.
Especially the part about large servers vs. lots of small servers and how you should shift your perception.