PHP on Windows has a long history. That history wasn’t always a good one however that’s changed over the last couple of years. These days Windows is both a good development platform and a good choice for hosting PHP applications in production. Recent releases of PHP itself has contributed to this as well as technologies such as FastCGI and WinCache. For this session Mark Brown from Microsoft start with a barebones Windows and IIS server and walk through the steps of installing, configuring, tuning PHP on Windows and IIS. During the entire process Mark will load test the server and monitor its performance so you can see how well Windows and IIS do at hosting PHP applications.


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Good overview of PHP/WinCache on Windows with practical examples showing relative advantages of the different caching choices available.

Interesting talk, showing the performance benefits that can be obtained with some simple tuning of IIS, with a host of tips to get the best performance. The demonstration showing the use of Wincache really showed how much an app's speed can be boosted, and the use of the Wincap tool showed an alternative to apache bench for testing the site under a bit of stress.

Problem was squeezing so much into a 45 minute talk... it's just too much to demonstrate in a short time. Fortunately, the slides should be online soon.