Zend Framework 2.0: what's new and what's changed?


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As I am a Symfony dev I went to the talk to see what the 'competition' is doing. Presenter was ok, a bit monotone, but far better than some I've seen today. However, the feeling he and some (core-)devs(??) of the project in the audience left me and some others with, was one of unprofessional-ism and uncertainty. Patches being left for months, deadlines not met and a huge number of bugs in the existing version 1. All in all not a great promotion for the framework that I always held on a pedestal.

I think that the talk delivered exactly what was promised, if not more.

Rob Allen gave us a good and interesting overview of the main ZF2 goals!
Although I did a little research about Zend Framework 2 before DPC11, i've heard some new things! Rob is an experienced speaker and has a pretty good sense of humor!
You invited us to rebuild our sites based on ZF2. Well, maybe we will invite you (Rob) for the launch (and Bug Hunt day ;-))!

Good humor and good overview. Thanks!

Good talk that delivered what it promised. As I dont follow the ZF2 development too closely it was good to learn that a number of things that bug me in ZF1 are on the todo list for improvement in ZF2. Rob is an experienced speaker that is pleasant to watch and listen.

Simple overview - which was what was promised. The pace of the talk was a little slow so it ran over and by the end I was starting to drift.

However it was good talk and some of the ZF 2 improvements will be most welcome.

It was nice to hear of far we are from a release, what/when we could expect, what could be used already in ZF1 so we can prepare to a smooth transition to ZF2. Emphasis on PHP 5.3 has been heard, and yes we will switch soon to it (in weeks, before summer). Thanks Rob.

Rob nicely covered highlights of the ZF2 plans with typical understated humour. The session was a very good reminder of how PHP features and best practices have progressed over the years since ZF1 was introduced.