Composer: Project Dependency Management for PHP


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Amazing presentation, and amazing software! My lib is going on packagist!

Very good talk. Hope you convinced a lot of developers to work with composer. This is bringing php forward. Sometimes I looked like you were a little out of breath.

Good, well paced presentation. Examples were practical and useful. I'm eager to start with Composer now.

Well presented, practical, and comprehensive overview of Composer.
Keep it up!

Good presentation and very interesting topic!

Cool talk, cool presentation and a very nice tool :-)

RT +1 @Jan_Pieper: "Cool talk, cool presentation and a very nice tool :-)"

very good talk, interesting tool.

Good introduction.

Good to watch its progress.

Good talk with a good mix between overview and in depth information. As an every day user i was happy to learn a few new things.

Great open source project. I will try to convince our team to start using it when beta comes out.