Cranking Nginx up to 11


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Nice, measured introduction and overview of nginx, from basic config to more advanced features. Would have liked more complete examples of a full configuration, but definitely learned enough to experiment.

Good talk with slides that were good and readable. I expected some more exotic/new stuff, but he already warned us this is just the tip of the iceberg

Anonymous at 15:20 on 8 Jun 2012

Very nice introduction of nginx, tips&tricks; for production environments, awesome!

Great talk, great content, great energy, maybe a little bit condensed, but I enjoyed this advanced talk !

Nice tips&tricks!

Very nice presentation about high-level usage for Nginx. I really liked his explaination about the load balanced. Another good thing is, he takes the time to answer your question and repeats the question loudly first so everyone knows what it was about. Great!

Very nice introduction with plenty of tips and tricks. Great talk!

Great talk really enjoyed this and learned a thing or 2

Great introduction to nginx and Helgi showed some nice practical examples. Also included more in-depth content and examples, which is excellent and inspired me to go play with nginx soon

Great talk and presentation! Really loved the transition from the basic overview to the in depth config. Good balance

This was a very good talk with lots of "learn by examples", really gave me lots fo ideas on looking into Nginx.

Really interesing topic, but the beginning of the presentation was a bit hard to follow... I think every webdeveloper knows something about apache and is able to config it with its basic configuration, but going into deep details of Ngnix after 5min was eventually a litte bit to quickly as other people told me too.

Good talk ... but expected the talk to be a lot more in depth from the description given. Now 90% of the talk was actually more basic functionality and configuration. I know you did explain why, but it's a shame that it does not reach the listeners before the talk starts.

Was really interesting, especially for me as a developer, who doesn't really configure Nginx.

I like Nginx and I like Helgi. So combining both is a good thing.

Great to get an intro to Nginx by a guy that know his stuff. Also very interesting knowing that Helgi implements large and complex Nginx setups on a day to day basis.

Looking forward to another Nginx talk by him that covers the more advanced/exotic topics.

Truly a 5-star talk. Congrats, Helgi !

Some very interesting bits I did not know about Nginx already. Would like to know why 'return 301 $url' is better than 'redirect $url permanent' though :)

The content density was amazing given it was only a short 45 minutes and a very mixed audience.

I wasn't to sure how much I'd get out of the talk having used nginx for quite some time now but Helgi showed me a lot of little things I didn't know.

The slide deck is quite useful as a recap and I'll definitely look over it a couple of times

Great in-depth talk with a lot of practical examples.

I enjoyed this talk, Helgi really knows the subject he is talking about!

Great talk, though I would have liked some more advanced examples.