Designing HTTP Interfaces and RESTful Web Services


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Speedy and awesome. Really good to follow and very interesting content!

Even though this talk covered up known facts to me, this was very enjoyable! Good talk!

Anonymous at 07:37 on 9 Jun 2012

The presentation was good, a few topics could have slimmed down a bit, it was a bit too long.

Great talk, deserved a double timeslot for all the content - we could've had more examples then, too! Really liked the breaking down of existing examples (Twitter API, the filmlovers xml) and point you in a general direction that makes you think 'how does this rest thing work for developers, anyways?'

Going to enjoy reading back the slides, thanks again!

Good talk, a bit too long for me. I liked the examples as well and the good explanation about REST and API's.

Great presentation as always. I attended a previous version of this talk a few years ago and it have really evolved. More precise and consistent. I would like to see an example of an "ideal" hypermedia instead of just bashing on Twitter and

Nice and information-packed talk. Great slides. Really liked all the examples of existing APIs. Thanks.

Anonymous, Lineke and others: thanks for the feedback! Which parts would you say I could cut? I keep adding slides and information to this talk without ever really removing anything. It barely fits into an hour now, let alone 45 minutes, so I've been meaning to trim some of the content, but I'm not sure which parts are negligible enough to warrant removal.

Very interesting, good presentation style + slides!

David: you can probably get away with a single 'bad example', though I'd love to see a 'good example' so I'm not sure the trade out is going to save any time.

Beyond that it was a really fun, humours talk with some excellent examples and a great speaker.

Nice talk, informative, funny and neat introduction of the RMM levels.

Well-paced, informative, and with some good tips and opinions. Really touched the essence of REST rather than some treatment of HTTP verbs and status codes. Also really liked the humour and presentation style. Awesome presentation!

David: With presentations this good I usually don't mind if they go a bit overtime :) If you want to trim a couple of minutes from your talk for 45 minute slots I would remove the discussion of bad examples in the Twitter API, or merge them into the slides before with the ACME URLs. Many people in the audience probably have already seen some abuse of URLs and HTTP verbs, while the treatment of hypermedia formats will be less familiar to them.

Anonymous at 08:46 on 11 Jun 2012

Very well presented, really interesting.

Very nice talk.
Fast paced. Interesting. To the point.

Very entertaining and good examples.
An example of (code on demand) via RESTful would be the cherry on top.
well.. next time ;)

Anonymous at 19:49 on 11 Jun 2012

Nicely done.

Good and interesting talk!

Anonymous at 15:42 on 12 Jun 2012

:) Nice presentation. You really kept everyone alive by keeping things short but to the point.

I'm working on a RESTful API and your presentation was really HELPful!