Extending Doctrine 2 for your Domain Model


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Cool talk, interesting and plenty of humor.

Good talk. Interesting stuff I will look into in more depth. Shame about the hat though...

Great overview with good examples.

Good information and a fine presentation.

Anonymous at 11:46 on 9 Jun 2012

Great talk, went like a rollercoaster run ;) Very awake afterwards!

Allthough I got a big sticky hangover, Stuck has accomplished to even learn me something today as a experienced daily Doctrine developer. Somethimes he talks a little fast which makes it hard to follow (but maybe I should drink less beer next time) but the ways he talks is very cool, learning and entertaining!

Nice fast talk, lots of examples.

Awesome talk! Cant wait to see the slides! Very informative, i would discribe it as seeing a giant pit called doctrine, and you just provided the ladder. Thanks

Anonymous at 13:14 on 9 Jun 2012

Never heard of doctrine. Understand some of the possibilities now. Good level and talking speed. Lot of humor and well prepared!

Well prepared and well delivered.

This specific talk could probably benefit from a longer format, but in general the information came across well.

Anonymous at 09:42 on 10 Jun 2012

Very good talk! Liked the pace, the well-chosen examples and the humorous presenting style. Nice to see such an in-depth talk on a real PHP-topic.

As an every day Doctrine2 user I did not expect to learn some much new things! Well done! Speaking skills were great and some humor too :)

Just as great as the Redis talk.

Great talks with lot's of useful information, good depth and examples. Well presented.